Natural Dreadlocks

Service prices differ depending on specification and time taken. I often quote services beforehand on consultation.


To have dreadlocks or braids, your hair needs to be at least three/four inches long when straight.


I can tailor to any style of thickness and finish, you might have in mind.


I do not use any waxes when I make dreadlocks.


Natural dreadlocks do need time to form, thicken and mature (approximately 6 months in fact) for shorter hair, and often if its fine or damaged, it may be recommended to have extensions if you would like to keep the length and achieve a full shape right from the beginning :)


Dreadlocks on your natural hair alone


This is a rough estimate of prices to consider before contacting for a consultation. Prices differ in service depending on specification and the length of your hair.

I can different finishes and thickness (thicker or thinner).


£20 per hour (message me for a quote)


Full Head (between 6 to 12 hours)

£ 100 -220

Half Head (between 3 to 7 hours)


Tidy and Repair


£20 per hour

Whole Head (between 2 to 7 hours) 

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Artboard 1.png
Dreadlock Tidy

Half Head (1 to 5 hours) £20 and up

Dreadlock repair and tidy
Dreadlock Tidy

Dreadlock and Matting Removal

Dreadlock Removal
Dreadlock Removal
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Natural (human hair) Dreadlock Extensions Pricelist
(crochet in for permanent dreadlocks)

These prices are for human hair permanent dreadlock extensions.

I can do various colours, thickness and finish.

Message me for a quote :) 

Dreadlock extensions come in three different styles of ends and three different lengths to choose from.

Different finish 2.png

Thinking of adding extensions?

Yey! So you're finally considering getting natural dreads? Thats really exciting, but before beginning its nice to feel in the know about what to expect :)

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