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Caring the easy, natural and

affordable way for your loxs


You may of heard people say many different things about looking after dreadlocks. From, 'They require no maintenance' to 'they require too much'.


The answer to how your dreadlocks form, are individually down to things such as your hair type, aftercare knowledge and lifestyle.

The thing to remember is the first 6 months of having dreads is the most important in keeping a close eye on them before they what I call mature.

When our hair is locked, it has been


However, using natural products and learning over time the right way to keeping them neat yourself, means they will look their best, whoever you are.


Don’t worry, once you’ve adjusted to caring for your hair differently, you’ll find it really straight forward and still a lot less maintenance than looking after loose hair 




With this aftercare guide, you’ll understand what products could be best suited to you, ways to maintain the roots and keep them neat easily yourself as well what things to expect, especially within the first years of keeping dreads.


I also offer an affordable aftercare service, for those times you need a have a longer lasting tidy up every few months by me.


Natural dreadlocks are a personal commitment and I want my clients to have the best experience and knowledge in having them.